The three chambers of the Artonomy – Rooms exhibition, organized as part of the Artonomy | 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts, offer an insight into the lives of the artists exhibiting here: Opening the doors to the rooms allows you to glimpse into and into the present, and to walk into reality. We aren’t all the same, and nor should we be:

The similarity of each particle within us should be a building block of our dissimilarity; let us be differentiated in a cellularly-identical way. Let there be an opportunity for a gesture of expression, declaration and acceptance with the aim of reaching all things, even for the sake of touching things that are impossible, so that understanding may eventually find its sensitive path. Let us see the world as it is and give everyone the ability to see. Step into these rooms, take a good look around, and then look out of the window too; experience certain perspectives, sense the presence of distant things and be capable of also recognising the right of things to exist that may not be visible to us or which may be very far away from us.

The artwork units and the individual works on display here express the most varied phenomena in a diversity of ways.

Although the exhibited works talk about many different things and use a wide range of artistic vocabularies to do so, they all have one thing in common: All of them are relevant to us; to all of us. Interacting and complementing each other in so many different contexts they permeate the exhibition spaces like the radio waves that criss-cross our planet – slipping into every space uninvited with a multitude of intangible lines of force. But there is also space here for the local aromas, light that has been reduced to shadow, slowed down or bent, emotions and various stratified, parallel realities, together make up the medium in which we are compelled to exist.

Of course, there are miraculous everyday phenomena like the rising and setting Sun, while continents burn, and flooding wreaks destruction. Things are simple and not so simple, but all-in-all the terribly complicated world rattles on, it never rests; but it no longer matters because we’ve overplayed everything, spun out of control, the cup has overflowed.

Out there or here in the rooms, the exhibits are waiting for you in space and time. They speak to you softly or loudly, saying there’s no need to be afraid, just do what you have to.

Each and every artwork is yours, let it be so; accept your own alternative, let it mature in you, let the unconditional freedom to play, this Artonomy, expand and strengthen within your own reality, be a part of it!

József Szurcsik

fine artist / curator