Péter Jónás

graphic artist | 1976, Kaposvár

“Since the very beginning Péter Jónás has taken an interest in the philosophy of the printed image, the confirming, conserving and documenting power of the print, its transitory status oscillating between the unique and the metastatic as well as in the elemental gesture of recording which defies transience and is rooted in the archaic and the ritualistic. At the same time, tactile physical reality is too important for him to allow the objective image to dissolve in the abstract and conceptual work. Therefore, he always thinks in terms of a picture, i.e. a framed space cut out of reality into which he places the everyday objects of his immediate environment. However, he focuses on these seemingly insignificant objects and approaches them with such profound and concentrated attention that this focus lends a symbolic meaning to these things pointing beyond themselves.”

(Emese Révész: Tables)

Height and diameter (40+); Studio (Füredi street)

serigraphy, paper
60 × 40 cm

Height and diameter (40+); Studio (Füredi street) Height and diameter (40+); Studio (Füredi street)